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Coaching for All - Ethnic Diversity

The video above is a trailer to research conducted by UK Coaching where I was asked to participate in their Coaching for All series which investigates individuals’ experiences of coaching through three diversity lenses: Ethnic Diversity; Socio-Economic Diversity and Gender & Ethnic Diversity. I very quickly agreed to take part as the process and more importantly, the goal were both extremely interesting to me.

Filming took place during 2020 and as a participant I was required to submit a series of mini videos including things such as my journey into coaching, the barriers I have faced and a typical day in the life of a coach. I thoroughly enjoyed this process as it gave me the opportunity to work on my confidence in delivery in front of a camera. Many coaches from a range of sports form all over the UK completed the initial filming and I was fortunate to feature in the final production that went out across social media in early March 2021. The diversity video featured sports such a Basketball, Boxing, Cricket and a few others. The full feature video is below

The research conducted really highlights the lack of diversity in coaching across all sports in the UK. I am proud to be able to make such an impact and hopefully be an inspiration to other young coaches from diverse backgrounds. The full findings of the research can be viewed here

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