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Testing out the

For all you ballers out there, how much more enjoyable is playing on a basket with a net??????

Here in Cardiff, decent outdoor courts are few a far between and almost all of them have no nets on the baskets.

My son and I spend a great deal of time at a court near our house, and a friend had suggested we purchase a BlackNet to improve our recreational Basketball experience.

The BlackNet website describes their product as the world's first and only portable replacement basketball net. No poles or ladders. No climbing, hanging or boosting. Your feet never leave the ground. On and off just like that. Blacknet gives you your "Swish" back.

This is the BlackNet

The BlackNet is priced at $30.00 but this price increases significantly when you including shipping form the US. To overcome this we ordered 3 nets for my business Tribal Basketball and did so through a UK shipping company that buys the nets in bulk and and charges a fee for your order, which is much lower than ordering direct from the US basked company if you are here situated in the UK.

The net arrived really swiftly and is has completely revolutionised the playing experience for my son and I. I would highly recommend this product for any ballers looking to get their swish back! Check out our short video of our first use of the BlackNet!

Check out the BlackNet website for more details on the BlackNet:

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